4253237544_7500bc50b0_bIndia is the birth place of Vedas and Upanishads which cemented the cultural nourishment of humanity. However, as a global community, we are moving further away from our long-held traditions, history and language. ‘Devamrutham’ is an honest attempt in bringing back the goodness to the mankind.

We talk the language of divinity and beliefs which are rooted in Indian culture.

We bring you the key elements from holy texts in the simplest form.

We urge you to go through our content and think about what is missing in your life

We will take you through the ancient times where there was no dearth for knowledge and enlightenment. We are sure that you will enjoy this journey and gain positively from the vast repository of spiritual knowledge.

The Management Team:

Chief Editor: Ettumanoor Sivakumar

Managing Editor: Jayasree M R

Advisory Committee:

Acharya M R Rajesh

Dr. P V Viswanathan Nampoothiri

S Rameshan Nair

Pallikkal Sunil

N Somasekharan